Creating Opportunities With a Cold Cover Letter

Have you encountered a salesperson who surprisingly or unexpectedly contacts you and tries his best to sell at least one of the services provided by the company? Were you really ready for those sales calls or expecting them at that point of time? Most probably, you weren't! Yet, you purchased some of the services offered by the salesperson because you found them interesting and helpful.

Now, think of a similar situation when you are desperately seeking for a break in your career and you draft unexpected cover letters to some of the employers hoping that at least one would open the door for you. Such a cover letter that gives you a chance to contact the recruiting personnel and inquire about the employment vacancies available at the firm is denoted as a 'cold cover letter'. 

Stepping into the Concealed Employment Market

As a rule, the first preference for filling up the vacant job positions is always given to the in-house employees of the company. In most cases, the job openings are hidden from the public, so as to make available the opportunities of growth for the employees within the organization. With a hard-hitting cold cover letter, you can break the shackles and tap into the intimate employment prospects of any organization.

You may not acquire the results in one go; however, every fourth or fifth cold cover letter does become successful in fetching a job interview.

What to Put in a Cold Cover Letter?

In order to create a heated up cold cover letter, you need to follow some instructions (get free cover letter samples at BSR). First, you should understand the business requirements and the difference that the targeted job profile makes in the overall business operation of the company. Then, you need to tailor your letter accordingly and inform the employer why you are different from other candidates.

You can boast about your special skills, qualifications, work experiences, and other accredits that will prove you as a deserving applicant. It should be drafted in such a way that it creates an impression and dazzles the eyes of the reader. Show the desire and passion for getting associated with the company and depict seriousness towards your career. Remember to include your phone number, email, and home address, so that the recruiter can contact you if he finds you interesting.

Create the Opportunity

A well-written cold cover letter can create a job opening even if the idea is not present on the employer's mind. The language and use of words should be mesmerizing enough to induce the reader to find more about you.