Professional Cover Letter

Professional Cover Letter
Each and every resume should be accompanied by a professional cover letter. They are important documents and first thing a busy employer reads, so for positive impression you must write a best and a professional cover letter that satisfy the needs of the prospective employer related to the prescribed job position.

Professional cover letter is written to enhance your resume. It should highlight your relevant professional experience, skills and professional qualification.

A cover letter is a tool through which you will build a personal connection with a prospective employer. The secret of an winning cover letter is in its specificity. A professional resume cover letter must specify how you are ideal candidate for the specified job position.

A professional cover letter should follow a standard format:
Opening paragraph
Closing paragraph
Opening paragraph: Must be appealing to the potential employer/reader. It gives quick introduction about you, your abilities and skills.
Body: Write something most important or unique quality about yourself that will make the employer more interested in your resume. If you have done some research about this firm/company then you should demonstrate it because it shows that you have taken some time to think this position/company and makes a good impression on potential employer.

Closing paragraph: At ending, the employer must feel that you are the most eligible person for the given position. Mention that you are interested in personal interview. Here, you can suggest different dates or tell about your availability/flexibility to time and place. Finally, thank them for their attention ant time.