All that you should know about an Elementary Teacher’s job

Seeing an advertisement for the position of an Elementary Teacher with a school, you might sit down to write a good elementary teacher cover letter for your resume, which will help you get into the interviews. However, don’t you think that before applying for the job, you should know a little more about what you read in the job advertisement? Well, if you think so, the next few paragraphs will answer all your queries. 

Roles and Responsibilities: 
An Elementary Teacher plays a vital role in the upbringing of a child, because he/she is with the child in the molding years of the child. They are responsible for educating and inculcating values in the child from kindergarten up to the 6th grade. Thus, he/she helps in molding a child’s character. He/she is also responsible for developing social skills in the child; inculcate manners and values, etc. He/she has to ensure a positive environment in the classroom for effective upbringing of the child.

Some other responsibilities are as follows: 

Maintain classroom discipline
Evaluate student’s performance
Prepare teaching materials like charts, cartoon stories, etc. 
Come up with new learning games
Individual attention to every student 
Assign homework and grade the assignments
Meet parents or guardians on a regular basis to discuss the progress or problems of the child

Thus, if you are a person who loves to deal with children, this is the right choice for you. 

A bachelor’s degree
Certification as per the state laws
2-3 years experience is an added advantage 
Interpersonal skills are very essential 


The average salary for an Elementary school teacher ranges between $33830 to $78720

        0-10    10-25     25-75       75-90   90-100

Figure indicating the percentage of employees in each salary scale

1. The first column indicates the 10% of the teachers are beginners and get salary up to $33,000 per annum.
2. The second column constitutes the next 10-25% of the teachers who get an average salary between $33,922 to $42,456
3. The third and the biggest column constitutes the maximum number of teachers from 25% to 75%, whose salary range is from $42,456 to $61,473
4. The fourth column consists of 75% to 90% of employees in the salary range of $67,473 to $70,000
5. The last column constitutes 10% with maximum number of work experience in the field with salary above $70,000 per annum.

The median salary is thus around $51,000- $53,000 for employees who have a work experience of 4 – 5 years.


As per a recent survey, the job opportunities for Elementary teachers will see a rise of approximately 13% by 2018.
In Southern and Western States of America, there will be a huge demand for these professionals.

Get ready to succeed in this field, with your two most important tools – elementary teacher resume and cover letter to boost your resume further.

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