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Fashion designing is a very popular and sought after career option these days. Every year, many students enroll for fashion designing courses, and we get many good designers. Big fashion houses nurture such budding talent, and with fresh talent come fresh designs and ideas. You need to have complete information of your field before applying for a job, using the best resume and fashion designer resume cover letter. You can negotiate for yourself and decide what you deserve, only when you know the trend of your industry. To help you with the same, in this blog we would provide complete information about a Fashion Designer’s profession. 

Roles and responsibilities: 
Analyze and choose fabrics for, as per requirement
Design dresses, shoes, accessories, etc. 
Study the current and past trend
Come up with new designs and themes as per the season, festival, etc.
Depending on experience, the role varies
Work for fashion shows


Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent is essential 
A Fashion Merchandising, Marketing or Business degree would be an added advantage
Successfully completed internship with some experienced fashion designers
For a senior position, 3-4 years experience is essential

        0-10      10-25              25-75             75-90       90-100

The salary for a fashion designer varies from 0-$64,427. As a person gains more and more experience, his/her salary increases. The explanation of the salary graph given above, is as follows – 
1. The first 0% -10% of the fashion designers, most of which are freshers or have negligible work-experience comes in this frame. The salary slab for these freshers is $0-$30,903.
2. The next 10% - 25% of the designers with some work experience (approximately 2 years) come in this slab and their average salary ranges between $30,903-$37,821
3. The designers that constitute the majority of the population – 25% to 75%, get a salary ranging between, $37,821 and $55,892. These designers have a minimum experience of 4 years. 
4. The next 75 - 90% come in the salary slab of $55,892-$65000
5. The remaining 10% are the designers with utmost talent and experience, and get a salary of $65,000 and above. 
The added advantage of this field is that the person can work independently. They can also establish their own brand, and get a loyal customer base. 

People will never give up wearing clothes, and there is constantly a demand for clothes that look different and stylish. Thus, fashion designers will always be in demand. 

Prepare a great resume for yourself, and accompany it with a good resume cover letter, to get the right job in the fashion industry. 

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