All that you should know about a Bookkeeper's job

You always wanted to be in the finance and accounting field, and work towards it. Some of you might complete a Bachelors degree in the same and become a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA). Some others might become a certified Bookkeeper and then work towards becoming an accountant. However, you might apply for the job and send your resume, but to write a bookkeeper resume cover letter, you have to understand the job, and its requirements. You should also understand the salary structure for the particular position in the industry, so that you do not get exploited. In the coming paragraphs, you would complete information about the eligibility, job responsibilities and pay scale of a Bookkeeper.


Four years Bachelor’s degree or
Certified Bookkeeper (CB) – American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
(*A candidate can apply for CB only after two years of work experience in bookkeeping)

Job responsibilities:

Record and maintain business transactions
Ledger, reconciliation of accounts and reports
Make financial statements and reports
(*Responsibilities vary with the size of the organization)

A bookkeeper has to understand the principles and practices of accounting. More than a degree or certification, practical knowledge is helpful. A better understanding of the concepts and application of the same is essential to become a successful bookkeeper.

Salary Structure:

A bookkeeper’ salary ranges from $29,116 - $48,407 per annum. The salary moves up the scale with experience, and proven ability.

The graph given below explains the salary for a bookkeeper’s job. The explanation is as follows:

1. The freshers that constitute the initial 0-10% of the jobs, get a salary of around $29,116 per annum
2. The next 10%-25% who have 1-2 years of experience get a salary that ranges between $29,116 -$33,402
3. The 25%-75% that constitute the majority of the bookkeepers, get a salary that ranges between $33,402-$43500
4. The next 75% -90% with very high experience get a salary that ranges between $43,500-$48,000
5. The remaining 10% at the highest position get a salary of up to $48,400 and above

Next time when you apply for this particular job, make sure you understand your responsibilities and worth. Get ready with a bookkeeper resume and a cover letter to strengthen the resume further.

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