Winning Cover Letters

If you are sending a cover letter with your resume then this indicates to the potential employer that you are serious about this job if it is a well-written one.
"Is it necessary to write a cover letter?, Do I really need a cover letter?" - regularly asked questions. Answer to these questions is "YES". Because a cover letter introduces you and your qualifications to prospective employer

The Objective of a Cover Letter

The main objective of your cover letter is to introduce you to a potential employer and reach one step close to your desire i.e. interview.

This is opportunity to do better for your career. If you successes in it then you are in the first list of interview, this means that you are eligible/qualified for that position. Rest work depends on you only.

Some Main Points for A Winning Cover Letter:

Your cover letter should be professional and concise. Your cover letter should be business oriented. Don't be humorous.

  • Keep it brief. It should be no more than one page as every reader gives only 10 seconds to read the cover letter. So try to express your important points first. Here you are proving yourself as a best communicator.
  • Don't repeat resume and don't include experience that isn't in resume.
  • Be sure while writing a cover letter. It should not contain any grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • Always include a title/job position you are applying for. Be specific and be professional.
  • Tell how you are the perfect person for the company and what you can do for the company. Mention the qualities and abilities you have, which are important for the employer.
  • Ask directly for the interview. Specify date and timings.
  • Give your contact address or telephone numbers on which they can easily contact you.
I hope above points are helpful for creating the sample resume and a winning cover letter. You can refer the sample of resume at here.

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